One of the questions my couples asked me after the engagement session is, Carolina, what do you recommend me doing with my photos?

Well, this is something I highly recommend,  don't just let your beautiful photos languish on your hard drive! It's my hope that every couple will use and enjoy their engagement photos throughout their wedding season and for years to come!

Here are some ways to use and get the most out of your engagement photos: 



8x8 albums start at $720


 This is a favorite from all couples!

The Wedding Guest Book allows extra space for your favorite photos along with space for handwritten notes. Let your loved ones do the rest!

Fabric colors available for the cover. Beautiful Keepsake box included

Fabric colors available for the cover. Beautiful Keepsake box included




10x10 album start at $960


Another beautiful option with beautiful fine art paper. The layered weaves of the linen highlight the craftsmanship and beauty of the albums.

Albums with thin pages start from 15 pages (30 sides) with approx. 40-45 images (2-3 per side)

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 12.55.52 PM.png

Pages can be added to your Photo Album in increments of 5 pages (10 sides)

Cover options include variety fabric linen

* Foil Embossing available with Silver, Gold

*Production time is 4 weeks

*Beautiful Keepsake Box is a complimentary gift from Carolina

*Shipping Cost and Florida Sales Taxes will be added to your invoice




Storytelling Frames start at $500


20x20 frame with 9-up fine art 5x5 prints

Frame included, ready to hang on the wall.

1 Frame $500

2 Frames $400 (per frame)

3 Frames $300 (per frame)


Wall Cluster start at $1450

4 collections to choose from, but custom walls can be created upon request as well. Please click below to learn more about our frame guide and cluster options



Gorgeous, modern photography deserves perfectly flattering frames. I believe that there is great value in completing your images through a polished final product. Presenting your photographs in archival matted frames elevates your portrait investment to the status of fine art, transforming your walls into a gallery to be experienced and enjoyed daily.



Wondering how to get yourselves up on your walls? We offer hand crafted frames to elegantly present your favorite images, and will help you create a showpiece display. Our line of low-profile, high-impact frames is designed to complement any decor. Their clean style ensures that the frames don't compete with the image, but enhance and elevate it. Made in Oregon of hardwood, with frame-grade acrylic and acid-free mats, the frames' archival construction protects your photographs, ensuring your images will become treasured family heirlooms.

* Fine art print is included with variety of frame color available. They come ready to hang on the wall.




All wall designs are delivered through an online wall designer.


Step One: Tape an 8.5Γ—11β€³ sheet of paper to any wall that you want to see designed. Take a photo straight on (or as straight on as possible). Try to capture the full wall if you can so we can see how framed art will balance across the space. Email me up to three wall photos.


Step Two: I will set up design ideas for you in my wall design tool and will send you the photos with your real walls, then you will have an idea of how it will look in your own space, pretty cool!


Step Three: Choose your favorite design for each wall. From here:

  1. Choose from one of the seven frame styles (I will send you a guide where you can choose your colors and styles), and get your wall design images fully framed and ready to hang. 




These are perfect for gifts for family and loved ones, 4x6, 5x7, 8x10.

They are available in collections starting at $400


Gifts for your parents & grandparents 

Parents treasure photos of their children, and grandparents even more so! And if they love the awkward snapshots of you they have saved on their phones and in albums, think of how much they will appreciate a gift of your lovely engagement photos! A sweet shot of you printed and nicely framed will make an amazing gift for a birthday or for Mother's Day. 

Your photographs will be printed on the highest quality photographic paper. Super smooth all plastic mounting substrate in black and white to protect your photographs from warping or bending.

As an all plastic board, it is not affected by humidity or moisture.


If you have any questions about pricing, and how to order from your engagement session, I am here to help you creating your first family heirlooms! Just send me an email and I can send you all the pricing information, Thank you!