Wedding Planning: Hair & Makeup, FAQ with Jessica Pignano form Element Hair Studio.

Things to look for in a great Hairstylist and Make up Artist.

Questions you should ask and discuss with your Hairstylist and Makeup Artis before your big day!




I have had the pleasure of working with Jessica Pignano, owner and Hairstylist of Element Hair Studio, her team is amazing and super talented. They’re sweet as pie, unbelievable professionals, and wonderful people. You’ll LOVE them!  I know they’ll take good care of you! 

I know wedding planning can be stressful and sometimes you do not even know what questions you should ask your wedding vendors. Experience is the most important, ask for reviews and testimonies from previous clients, and most importantly, trust your vendor team, they will make your dream day a reality! 

Today Jessica is sharing some tips on what to ask and how to hire the right Hair & Makeup team for your big day!


Consider asking these question Ladies!


From Jessica:


1. Are you available on my wedding day?

This is the first question you should ask, very important to make sure availability before you start with your questions during consultation!

2. How much do you charge?

We charge $350 for our brides. This price wedding day and trial for both hair & makeup.

3. Do you do trials?

Most certainly!

4. Do you travel?

We travel at no charge for groups of five or more girls.

5. Is there a travel fee?

First hour of travel is free for larger groups, every other hour is $100 each. For smaller groups less than 5 we charge for every hour.

6. How many stylist and artist work with you?

All depends on the size of the group. We normally start with 2 stylist and 2 artist.

7. Do you touch up?

We touch everyone up before they head to the alter. We want their looks to be as fresh as possible!

8. Do you take deposits?

During trial, we take deposit in order to save your date.

9. How many weddings do you perform in a day?

We like to only focus on one bride. We don't like to rush or stress our brides out in any way!



Send pictures and discuss everything during a trial to make sure your stylist and artist are capable of achieving the look you are going for!


For more information contact Jessica!

Element Hair Studio

Phone: (813) 515-5954

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From our beautiful bride Christina:

What are the important things to look for in a great Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist for your wedding?

For hair, I knew Jessica Pignano would be the perfect go-to stylist because she has magical hands when it comes to hair. I wanted my curls to be a little more exaggerated and have more volume. She was able to complete my look and it was very secure! I had no issues while dancing and moving around!

I looked for pricing, professionalism, and how well they are with creating a specific look all from your ideas. I could not find a photo of the exact makeup look I wanted but my makeup artist, Roxie Rodriguez with Element Hair Studio, knew exactly what type of romantic, rose gold look I was aiming for and she nailed it! She gave me a bold lip and my eyebrows looked amazing. I felt so beautiful on my wedding day! 


From our beautiful bride Nicole:


Important things to look for are artists that can create your look and SUPPORT it without trying to drive you towards something you don't even like just because they're more comfortable with it. Take the time to sit down and talk with them, within a few minutes you should feel comfortable enough to talk to them like they're your best friend. 
I knew with both Jessica and Roxie that I could trust them to help me create the look that I wanted by just talking it over with them, showing some pictures of what I liked and didn't like and explaining my vision. 
They both recreated exactly what I envisioned, even though I changed my mind a few times! They never tried to stray me from the foundation of what I wanted. They were open to my critiques and patiently worked with me until I was able to figure out exactly the look what I wanted, and what I thought would like best on me. I'd also suggest looking at overall reviews and portfolio pictures, pictures never lie! 
I'm so thankful I chose Element Studios, they're my favorite group of girls and I recommend them for all bride to be's. 


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