Vinoy Park Engagement Photos | St Petersburg, FL Carography Studios | Michelle and Tristan

Nothing but pure joy coming from these two! Michelle and Tristan engagement session was amazing! So many favorites from this session . I love when my couples bring their fur babies to their sessions, and they love the camera and extra attention!

St Petersburg Florida has some of the most beautiful scenery and this time of the year the most perfect weather.

This session filled my heart with so much joy, I had the pleasure of photographing their beautiful engagement session, now these photos have given their friends and family a true glimpse of the joy and miracle that Tristan and Michelle found one another!

Philippe Park Engagement Photos | Family Photos | Tampa, FL | Cori and Jr

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I had the pleasure of meeting Cori, her Fiance Jr, and their adorable 1-year-old Roran for their family portraits/Engagement session. They have been together for a little over 2 years now and currently planning their beautiful wedding and I can not wait to document and photograph their beautiful day at the Waller Ranch!

We met at Philippe Park located in Safety Harbor, Florida. We spend time together and I had the joy of photographing them together as a family, it is very special for me to be able to create memories for them in this very special time of their lives when they are celebrating being parents, engaged and excited for their upcoming wedding.

You make a wonderful couple. Wishing that this be just the start of a long and wonderful journey together as a family!!!


Dali Museum Engagement Photos | St Petersburg, FL Carography Studios | Melissa and Nelson

Melissa and Nelson made some extra time to have their engagement photos done before moving to NYC! We met at Dali Museum in Downtown St Petersburg and spent some time together, exploring, they had time to even practice for their first dance for a little while :)

They will be having an Opal Sands Wedding in Clearwater Beach next November and I can hardly wait for their big day and of course to work with my favorite vendors!

We had the perfect backdrop for a Floridian Engagement session, with palm trees, the marina, the beautiful waterfront and the breathtaking architecture of Salvador Dali Museum!

Armature Works Engagement Photos | Carography Studios Lindsay and Tom | Armature Works Weddings

Armature Works, one of the best additions to our beautiful city in Tampa! If you are local then you know it is a favorite, if you are visiting town, you have to make sure to visit this place! From restaurants to weddings, this fantastic venue has it all!

This was the location I chose for Lindsay and Tom's Engagement photos.  Yes, summer time in Florida can be very unpredictable so as you can see the rain was coming but I am so glad we were able to do the session, it started raining right when we were wrapping up! 

Thank you guys for coming and hanging out with me, I know it was HOT but we made it happen and now you can look back at your beautiful engagement photos!

One if my favorite wedding venues in Tampa, click here to view more Armature Weddings on my blog!



Venue : Armature Works, Tampa FL


Anna Maria Island Engagement Photos | Carography Studios |Chelsea and Paul

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Chelsea and Paul engagement photos are on the blog! They came from Indiana for their engagement photos and visit vendors for their wedding next month in October! We had a great time, lots of smiles around as you can see. I am so glad they enjoyed their session, this was time not only to meet them in person before their big day but also for them to enjoy each other presence. I know wedding planning can be stressful sometimes and busy but you have to remember that at end of the day, it is just you two and the memories you create with your loved ones.

They were so into each other and just having fun, spending time together, this engagement session is more than just taking photos together, it is quality time with each other, the good times, the experience I want you to remember for years to come! 

Chelsea and Paul thank you so much for meeting with us! 

I cant wait to photograph their wedding and meet their favorite people next month at the Sunset by Gulf Drive Cafe in Bradenton Beach, FL


PETERSON PARK, LAKELAND PROPOSAL PHOTOS | Carography Studios | Becca + Jonah

I would love to share the beautiful photos from Rebecca and Jonah proposal from last week! Jo contacted me a few weeks ago and told me he was going to propose to his sweetheart, then the planning started! I got together with my sweet friend and calligrapher artist Josefina from Love Offering and told her I wanted to create something very special for them, my Mom created and designed Becca's bouquet! 

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The big day arrived and I met Jo at the park. Jo asked a mutual friend to make up a photography project.  She asked Becca if there was a park around town that Becca liked.  Becca suggested Peterson Park because it has become a very special place for her and Jo where they have celebrated their anniversaries. Jo told her earlier that day that he wanted to take her out on a date.  This was his perfect excuse to get her dressed up!


Becca arrived at the park, completely unaware. I was hanging around with Mom and we were hiding from Becca so she would not see me with my big camera! It would have ruined his surprise! Jo and Becca met and they started talking.


Becca was very surprised yet still completely unaware of Jo's intentions. He began talking with her about their relationship and how God has brought them closer together.  At the perfect time, he got down on one knee, and he asked her to marry him and spend the rest of her life with him!  Of course, she said YES, and I was there able to capture this incredible moment between this beautiful couple. 

I am so in love with this woman. You have my whole heart Becca and I promise forever to you. Scott is going to look so good on you!
— Jonah
Last night, in the park that has become so important to us, Jo asked me to marry him. It was the most romantic moment and I couldn’t stop crying happy tears. Of course, I said yes to spend forever with this amazing man! He has shown me what true kindness looks like and encourages me to follow after Jesus every day. I can’t wait to share many more memories with you gorgeous!
— Rebecca
Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 5.48.29 PM.png
My now fiancé hired Carolina to photograph the proposal! She did such a wonderful job with the mini session afterwards and was the sweetest. The photos are beautiful and are even better than what I had imagined. She does fantastic work and is very professional while doing so. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for someone sweet, personable, and who is determined to make your day memorialized in beautiful photographs
— Rebecca
Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 5.49.35 PM.png
Carolina did a wonderful job and I am so thankful I chose her. I was so worried that a photographer wouldn’t take into consideration what I wanted to be portrayed or my ideas but she went above and beyond. Carolina made sure I was always comfortable and she knew exactly how to make my proposal perfect. It was perfect and she went above and beyond what I expected. Carolina made sure to bring a beautiful bouquet for my fiancé, a hand painted canvas, as well as other props for pictures I didn’t even expect. She truly enhanced our experience and I am so thankful I chose her. I wish I could give her more stars because 5 is certainly not enough.
— JO

Becca and Jo, Congratulations on your engagement! You make a wonderful couple. Wishing that this be just the start of a long and wonderful journey!

1 Corinthians 13:13 - And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.

Photography | Planning | Florals Carography Studios

Calligrapher Artist Love Offering


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Las Vegas Anniversary Photos | Carography Studios | An + Jon

Love. A simple monosyllabic word that is so easy to pronounce. Yet, those who have experienced this powerful emotion, in all its glory would know, that love is something that has the ability to turn the world on its head. All love stories are unique and endearing, but this particular one is nothing short of a beautiful fairytale. However, interestingly enough, this fairytale didn’t end in marriage; rather it was marriage that really kick-started a lifetime of togetherness between Josh and Annie.

2016, was the year when the two souls of Josh and Annie became one. However now, a year later, things are just as amazing between the couple. When they pledge to be by each other’s side in sickness and in health, they really did mean it. The beautiful anniversary pictures captured at the dessert are so much more than just beautiful, they are tender and so very romantic.! The picturesque surroundings always serve as a beautiful backdrop drop.

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Las Vegas, Anniversary Photos

Las Vegas, Anniversary Photos


In this technological world, where different people make use of their gadgets for all the wrong reasons, for Josh and Annie; it was technology that helped bring them together. It was on a dating app where the both of them ‘met’ each other and things just took off from there. Most people use distance as an excuse for not being faithful to one another, but by making a long-distance relationship work so effortlessly, the story of this couple is nothing short of inspiring.

Las Vegas Wedding Photography

Las Vegas Wedding Photography


Josh popped the question at the Vietnam airport, just before returning home, after enjoying a brief vacation with Annie. On saying yes to his romantic proposal, Annie truly made Josh the happiest man in the world!

Therefore, by sailing through all kinds of problems this couple showed to the world, that if you really want something, you need to do everything in your power to turn that dream into a reality. You must give love a chance, be open to new experiences and never be afraid of taking risks. Josh and Annie embraced life and made the best of all their circumstances. Every picture bears testimony to the fact that things like real love really does exist!


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The Vinoy Wedding Photos | Vinoy Engagement Photos | St Petersburg, FL | Carography Studios | Nicole and Mike

What do you love to do together? How long have you been together?

We've been going strong for 6 years. We love trying new restaurants (and wines). We also love spending time with our families and taking our daughter to see new places!


How did he pop the question? I would love to hear all the details!

He proposed in front of all his family on New Years Day, just minutes after the ball dropped! I knew it was in the works but had no idea when, nor that he would be so brave to do it in front of so many people. His family was cheering so loud that I couldn't even hear a word he was saying so I just started nodding my head to say yes before he could even ask the question, lol! I also found out later when watching a video, that he dropped the ring a few moments before and had a couple family members distract me while others were looking for it! So glad he found it! 

What is your favorite thing about being engaged? What do you love about it?

I love my ring! haha! In all seriousness, the love is the same, the day-to-day motions are the same. I have no doubt that we will continue to go through many more trials and tribulations, through this engagement and for years to come during our marriage, I know that whatever we face together, it will always strengthen our love and relationship. My favorite part is knowing that he's giving me the greatest gift of sharing my last name with our daughter!

What is one of your favorite things about your future husband?

His ambition; He never settles for anything, and he never allows me to settle either. He tells me when I'm wrong and truly humbles me when I need to see it, but he'll also bat the world for me when he knows I need it! And he's also the funniest person I know!