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Love. A simple monosyllabic word that is so easy to pronounce. Yet, those who have experienced this powerful emotion, in all its glory would know, that love is something that has the ability to turn the world on its head. All love stories are unique and endearing, but this particular one is nothing short of a beautiful fairytale. However, interestingly enough, this fairytale didn’t end in marriage; rather it was marriage that really kick-started a lifetime of togetherness between Josh and Annie.

2016, was the year when the two souls of Josh and Annie became one. However now, a year later, things are just as amazing between the couple. When they pledge to be by each other’s side in sickness and in health, they really did mean it. The beautiful anniversary pictures captured at the dessert are so much more than just beautiful, they are tender and so very romantic.! The picturesque surroundings always serve as a beautiful backdrop drop.

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Las Vegas, Anniversary Photos

Las Vegas, Anniversary Photos


In this technological world, where different people make use of their gadgets for all the wrong reasons, for Josh and Annie; it was technology that helped bring them together. It was on a dating app where the both of them ‘met’ each other and things just took off from there. Most people use distance as an excuse for not being faithful to one another, but by making a long-distance relationship work so effortlessly, the story of this couple is nothing short of inspiring.

Las Vegas Wedding Photography

Las Vegas Wedding Photography


Josh popped the question at the Vietnam airport, just before returning home, after enjoying a brief vacation with Annie. On saying yes to his romantic proposal, Annie truly made Josh the happiest man in the world!

Therefore, by sailing through all kinds of problems this couple showed to the world, that if you really want something, you need to do everything in your power to turn that dream into a reality. You must give love a chance, be open to new experiences and never be afraid of taking risks. Josh and Annie embraced life and made the best of all their circumstances. Every picture bears testimony to the fact that things like real love really does exist!


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