It is a privilege to do what God has entrusted me to do.
— Carolina
Photo: Kaylee Sorrells

Photo: Kaylee Sorrells


Thank you for stopping by!

Hello there, I am glad you are here, I am Carolina, I would love to tell you a little bit about my story;  I am a child of God, follower of Christ, the best friend of my better half, I am a stepmom, I am a daughter, sister and a friend and I am a portrait and wedding photographer.

I was born in Colombia South America, Spanish is my native language, I learned English when I was 22 years old in London when I left my country and spread my wings not necessarily as an adventure, I was seeking a time for healing away from my country.

Photography was my therapy as I was facing rough times in my life, it was my outlet, it gave me a purpose and hope. I thank God for blessing me with a gift, the gift I am passionate about. Photography for me is celebrating life, love, and marriage. Wedding photography isn’t just a beautiful art to me, it is something I am deeply passionate about, I find purpose in creating still moments and tangible memories. I know the importance in capturing and holding on to these memorable keepsakes that you will cherish FOREVER!


I would like to share with you 5 facts about me!

1. I am a follower of Jesus Christ. He has changed my life and has given me a reason to wake up every morning. God has given me a gift to serve others.

 2. I am originally from Colombia South America, as a good Colombian, I drink a lot of water ... filtered through coffee grinds !  I am on a mission to introduce people to the Colombian culture .

3. I am a romantic at heart . I love and appreciate small things in life and mean the most to me. I believe in love, kindness and sincere feelings between people.

4. I am very studious, I enjoy learning new things. I strive for excellence and my passion for learning gives me a purpose to better my craft, myself as a person and motivates me!

5. Kitchen is my happy place and my favorite thing to do at home is cook with a glass of wine .  I love cooking books but never use measuring cups !

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and get to know me a little more,

I look forward hearing from you!


Pictures with my beautiful family that has been my support and my greatest blessing



I come from a small family, being away from my family has been one the hardest things in life but I know GOD has blessed me with a wonderful husband, and a wonderful family in law from Louisville, Kentucky!

He is truly a gift from Jesus, and HOME is where your heart is right? I am the youngest, we are two children, my brother lives in Colombia with my Mama, he is a Civil Engineer and also an Entrepreneur and business owner, my beautiful Mama has retired after working many years as a PR in the public sector, Daddy is not longer with us, he is in a much better place, his home is in HEAVEN!  John 3:16

Photo : Lacherslens Photography